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100 Meters – About the Old And Crumpled


A crumpled sticker in the shape of a cross with concentric lines and the words "vote conservative to end the..."
There’s a lamp post outside on the pavement, where I live, where I happened to find and photograph an old crumpled sticker. Shaped like a psychedelic cross I can read the words; ‘Vote Conservative to end the…’. I have no idea of the words that follow. You might. Love to hear how you would complete the sign when you come to the end of this blog?

About the Old and Crumpled

An old crumpled sticker man
Toting crumpled stickers
Sticking crumpled stickers
To tattered corporation lamp posts
Hopes to leave a sign
For you to find
Decrying organisations
Of the most unkind, kind
Doesn’t know he’s being followed
Close behind
By an old crumpled tearing man
With scissors and shears
Cutting and scratching
At stuckered crumpled stickers
Who goes to work
To destroy parts of the sign
So it’s none too clear
As to what the old crumpled sticker man means
Or meant when sticking the old crumpled sticker
To the tattered corporation lamp post
So now you are meant to guess
Fill in the gaps
And deign to design
Your own message
From your own mind
Hence the purpose of the old crumpled tearing man
Following close behind
The old crumpled sticker man
Toting old crumpled stickers
Leaving signs
And messages behind
For you to find
Or just design
From the remnants of your mind

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Vote conservative to end the rot of libertarian, namby-pamby politically correct tie-dye hanky waving nonsense that’s infected our stiff upper lip and brought our economy to its knees through decades of hand-outs to liver-livered scroungers…

Rick Burgess


Deborah Caulfield

… times and bring on the apocalypse.

Dennis Queen
Dennis Queen


Or rather

..the existence of disabled people