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3 Wheels


Tyred Out

One of my top photos here. I just like the shapes and colours and composition I guess. I also liked the convenience of it. A short walk to the bus stop and there it was; complete with an idea about 3 wheels on a wagon, riding up from memory, which was allowed to lie and fester and for the ideas to come slowly. The first idea concerns someone who starts by giving up to the concept of disability. The second is the person who takes on the mantle of supercrip. The other characters and situations are government and media constructs. A lot of us know this story. I hope that telling it again doesn’t lull you into sleep

3 wheels on my wagon
I’m a disabled car
3 wheels on my wagon
I won’t be going far
Wearing my best scar

3 wheels on my wagon
I’m a failed benefits assessment
3 wheels on my wagon
The bastards have got my car
I miss my blue, jam jar

3 wheels on my wagon
I’m your DEA
3 wheels on my wagon
You can’t get to see me
You haven’t got a car
Must take action
Benefits sanction
Your acting up to par

3 wheels on my wagon
Im feeling so depressed
3 wheels on my wagon
The public are so impressed
Not about the sub tan from my lounger
They’ve bought into names like scrounger
I really have come far

3 wheels on my wagon
I’m such a crippled star
3 wheels on my wagon
I know I can go ever so far
Not a zero
Another hero
Burning up the tar

3 wheels on my wagon
I’m a government tsar
3 wheels on my wagon
Seen this new policy aha
Thats fucked that hero
He’s just another zero
Hip hip hooray hoorah

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