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Acorn; 3 Wishes


The 3 Tarot Cards that appeared for this poem

In which I consider the power of three and the rule of three. Unity, bonds, and karma before settling for an atheists fairy tale. Incidentally, its bad news for the acorns this year.

Acorn: 3 Wishes

When very young
Innumerate, illiterate and stammering most excellently
The good mother came by, lampless
And just for the fun of it
Awarded me three wishes to articulate
But you know how it is when the wise are foolish
And the foolish wise up to the trick.

Well, the one, the one
the one and the once
and the once upon a time
was the one I could not say
Starts and punchlines
Being particularly difficult for me

So I set off for the second, the two
the two that contains a twice
And many other powers
Two, two, two. For two always holds a second

Here they came the rampant twos
The pair, the true power number
Not the lucky three
Not the wishes three
Nor the power three
But the two, the many many stuttered twos

Two, I gasped, two.
Two, i’ll have clean air
And with this two the power to run
But not to run hither but there
There. Far away

Two, yeah two and with that two
Let me have no fear of the dark I run intwo
Two, not be separate or anxious
But, two, to be clear in the clean air
Two, know whom I’m running from
And indeed two who I’m running two

And the beat, the rhythm, the wonder of the two
Would have wondered on
But, the good mother said hold it. Steady on
But I just carried on. On and on.

Two, two, two
Two, two be fluent, to give good voice
Two find the courage two speak up
Two, to be understood, be heard
two have evidence I have been listened two
Two, Two, Two

But that’s six that two, two, two,
That’s more than 3 the mother said
But my innumeracy and stammer would not be stayed
Two, two, two, the two’s rambled on

Two not be excluded
Means two say no two segregation
Two say yes two my own house, my home
Surrounded by my friends, my community
Two, two be independent with my voice
Two choose my reasons to be running
In the clean and clear air

But, no. no, no, no. She said
This good mother. No I will not
You can’t go on and on and on
All these two pieces will break the lamp
Of wishes and puff!!!!. Yes. Puff!!!
She disappeared and left me fated.

And the two within fated that two holds the doom
Doomed, incarcerated, whipped and beaten
Dashed to despair
Sadness in tears
But, i’ll stand
I’ll remain
I’ll be firm and state
So what
I never believed in fairies.

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