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Acorn: Invisibility

A Small Oak Leaf Inside A Bowl

A Small Oak Leaf Inside A Bowl

Yoko Ono instructs:

QUESTIONNAIRE 1: True or False? – All streets are invisible. The visible ones are fake ones, though some visible ones are the end parts of the invisible ones.

I listen. I think about it. Visibility. Invisibility. That which is real. That which is fake. I know the issue that lies within our politics. The real crip, the unreal crip. The deserving, the undeserving. Welfare benefits and welfare reform. But, I can’t write like that today.

Acorn: Invisibility

I chose a hat
Wide brimmed
Floppy leather
Then it seemed the hat chose me
Covering my eyes
So I could not see
Those wanting
A good look at me

I chose a cloak
Thick, warm
Dark velvet
Before it seemed the cloak chose me
Me and the hat and the cloak
A sight to see
Strange boy
Hidden Identity

I chose a boot
Or two
Or it, or they chose me
Black galoshes
Up to my knee
And now the blackness
Locked me out
So no one could see the scars
That hid the wounds
Deep inside of me

At home, alone
At night, I disrobe
The black outer layer
To go deep
Into the naked dark
Alone, to pick and scrape
The clot that let me into
The place no one could see
And there I’d writhe
And scream and slide
To remember the sticks
That picked the flesh
Hiding my humanity

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