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Acorn: The Longest Rope

Photo of the machine heads on an acoustic guitar

Six Srings

Y.O. asks; YOUR PIECE VIII: What are your attachments: (a) Animate: (b) Inanimate?
I reply on a day we go to Oxford Street to meet with family

Acorn; The Longest Rope

What are these ties that bind
A flimsy string to cut
To lace new, ever smaller shoes
A chance for clans
To meet and talk of duty
As they wait for death
And shares in treasure
They’re not for me
And never will be
As I take 6 strings
To sing of love
And express feelings
For people and times
Both here and gone behind
Love always
Never, never duty

We sit here together
For the first time
Studying bloodlines
Stretching out like roads
Not trees
On parchment
Looking for an answer
To a riddle
In our shared geneaology
Who looks like who
Who acts like you
Who came and went before
And what did it have to do
With the singer and the song

We ate, we drank
We shared good rhymes
Made plans and schemes
To find more strangers
Made like ourselves
In the shimmy of night
As a player waited outside
With six strings, a song
Sang in notes of love
Not duty

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