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Acorn: Orbiting


Look Out / Look In. Image by Richard Downes

A tawdry rag, a photo taken somewhere, a Gormley man in Margate. We talked about it coming. We wondered if it would look the same way as other Gormley men do – out to sea. We wondered if the time had come for Gormley men to look inward or down towards their navels and if they did would they see raggedy politicians picking at seaweed fluff, looking for wisdom from a barnacle. I read one of a 100 acorns and responded as we all do from time to time to art. And yes, I do continue to say no to Brexit.

Acorn: Orbiting

He is a man
As she is a woman
He does what he does
As does she

He is the earth
Still on its axis
She is the moon
Attracted by gravity

His tides are still
They do not move
Until she moves
And then they move

The man stands
waist deep in water
the tide
ebbing and flowing

He looks out
Far out
His back turned
On Modernity

He looks further
Into the future
Knowing the past
Informs her presence

They stand together
Hand in hand
Feet unsure
On the continental shelf

They stand as one
And turn slowly
To face the shore
To look homewards

The ripples continue to lap
From the time
They skipped pebbles
In Pevensey

He wants to say
Something profound
About people and racism
In English shires

He was pinched once
By a crab he disturbed
Whilst paddling with her
Around a wave breaker

It’s how he feels
Now staring at the sand
Narked by decisions
Taken in the land

She found it harder
To cement her view
She didn’t know for sure
Just what she should do

They are constant
Wading in the water
Holding hands, laughing
As the sad tide from Europe seeps in.

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