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Acorn: Pride


With permission of DAISY Fest

What is my pride, asks Yoko. The dictionary says; “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of one’s close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired”. The old rag bible defines it as sin. The question takes me back to my second Daisy Fest appearance.

Acorn; Pride

Only the other day
In a closed circle
Wherein we shared words
Written like this
As lines; I lost it

Lost it completely

Feeling as I did
Forlorn and worthless
Demeaning my value
My weak contribution
Disgraced by whispers

The whispers of giants

Who spoke wisely
With depth
Practice and sensitivity
Towards their goal
With lines; that knocked me

Knocked me off my proud perch

Knocked me
Removed my pride
My pride in words
My words demeaned
By jealousy growing within me

The enemy within

The enemy finding
Succour in my ease
To give up, to lose
To head out towards failure
Without fighting

Fighting to be heard

Or to have heard
My easy, simple, plaintive words
And the strength that lies within
Sentences open and accessible
From an experience of pride

Pride the sin I hasten to remove

Pride the quality I pursue
For the work I do
Is the work I do
And what I do is enough
For me if not for you

You. Green eyed, inside me

The monster speaking of
The excellence that others do
Firing high burning plummeting arrows
To the work I do
To scold my pride to kill it off

Kill it off and yet

My heart beats
My pride beats
My life beats
My work beats
My heart beats

Heart, pride, life, work, heartbeats

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