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Another excerpt from the Dirty Books library

Highly colourful abstract pattern made of a tiled photograph of cluttered art and craft materials.

My Dirty Secret. Image © Kristina Veasey

An artist’s studio can be a hive of activity, a space to create and experiment, to start new projects and revisit old ones. It is somewhere to get messy and hear no one complain. You can leave work out and expect it to still be there, exactly as you left it, on your return.

Oh, how I wish for such a place!

In its absence, my poor old dining-table bears the weight of handmade papers, fabric off-cuts, glues, paints, bowls and crafting tools, as I take over the conservatory and begin to make it my own. Whilst creativity flourishes, the table becomes a no-go zone and the family are forced to eat dinner from their laps.

I tolerate the chaos because I know it will be short-lived and perhaps because I am the one responsible for it, but it is such a good feeling to clear it all away. When the project is finished and space, cleanliness and order is restored; I breathe a sigh of relief.

#UnlimitedCommissions #Spiritof2012

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