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The Araniello Show by SBC (SickBitchCrips)


SBC are delighted to publicly denounce The Araniello Show

SBC are excited that the failure of The Araniello Show is imminent and they firmly believe that this will be the worst show of the year.

Having endured some of the sketches, SBC describe the content as a bit like biting into semi-coagulated library paste, leaving a mediocre, dull aftertaste. There is only one thing worse than being served a terrible meal and that is going to see The Araniello Show.

On a positive note, SBC are encouraged that Daniel Oliver (a dyspraxia sufferer) has been coerced into being part of the show. They believe that against all the weirdos, Oliver Twist will cast his genius over the show and miraculously turn this dog’s dinner into a rare feast for the sick and poorly.

For a real downer we suggest you watch their promo video which will reinforce our utter distaste of The Araniello Show.

For booking info and more details please click on the following link: 

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Sheree Rose
Sheree Rose

Katherine Araniello rules!!!!

Sheree Rose
Sheree Rose

Katherine Araniello rules!!!

Fiona Blair
Fiona Blair

I definitely agree that you won’t see anything sicker or more twisted than this show this year – unless she produces another show which then possibly might find new depths of disgust. We certainly hope so as there is a huge public appetite for depravity right now! It’s the only thing that ain’t fake!!

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