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Artists are Stronger than You Think.


If you read my last blog, you’re in little doubt the pain I can be in, but after reading something by Toni Morrison about an artist’s strength, my hearts beats a little stronger, a shipwreck with more sail than base.  Strength comes in goes in waves, but there is no denying those artists who have fought for a better world and who are courage-teachers. So here is a poem inspired by that.

There are those artists who egos dance in cages. Let them dance.
And there are those who despite being in gulag, cell or enforced hell.
And force the world to be subverted into the beautiful
There are those who face an executioner
Holding their song, their word, their art
The artist is stronger than you think.
There are those artists to paint pretty flowers for their pretty penny
And there are those who transpose flowers on ruined battlefields for those who have died
And will die.
The poorest, the bruised, the mad, the lost
Can know the devastating grace of the create
And stand always above those who do not
The artist fights for the broken heart
And fights those who break it.
The artist is stronger than you think.

Create the Grace by Dolly Sen

Create the Grace

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