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Allan Sutherland

Allan is a disabled writer, performance poet and standup, a leading figure in the Disability Arts Movement.

Posts by Allan Sutherland

A pink neon crucifix displaying the words 'raspberry ripple'

Tony Heaton: Art out of Protest

As Tony Heaton resurrects some crip humour with his latest sculpture ‘Raspberry Ripple’ commissioned by Lumiere London, Allan Sutherland talks to the artist about his career. Tony Heaton thinks that art should be dangerous, and that what makes it dangerous is the quality of the ideas contained within it. ‘I think ...

A picture of a man stood up talking into a microphone. Four people are sat on green chairs in the background, two of them are holding hands and looking at each other.

Disability is not a spectator sport: the importance of art that reflects the experience of disability

Reflecting on Mind the Gap’s latest production, Contained, which tells the personal stories of its performers, Allan Sutherland argues that work which reflects disabled people’s experience of disability is essential to counter non-disabled narratives and assumptions. Contained is a sophisticated multi-media show, but at its core lies the performers’ personal experiences, ...

Allan Sutherland