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digital portrait of author Owen Lowery picturing the poets' face surrounded by a field of green

DaDaFest 2016: Literature & Creative Word with Owen Lowery

Poet, performer, academic, and reviewer, Owen Lowery performed at the Bluecoat, Liverpool on 23 November. Reading from his two acclaimed collections published by Carcanet press, Otherwise Unchanged (2012), and Rego Retold (2015), Cate Jacobs sent in an appreciation of the poet's art. Owen Lowery’s poetry is exacting and beautiful. Even when ...

purple tinted drawing inspired by a surreal character from the Bosch painting 'The temptation of St Anthony’

DaDaFest International 2014: ‘Art of Living the Experiment’

Art of the Living the Experiment was a show of four very different performances, which had connecting themes and strands that produced an interesting and diverse whole. Review by Cate Jacobs. The evening was superbly MC’d and woven together, by the inimitable Laurence Clark, who distracts us from the set changes ...