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James Rose

James Rose blog charts his journey as he breaks into music conducting. Each article will look at different aspects of the project, sometimes providing resources should others want to develop their musicality. The aim is also to make sense as to why this journey is happening now and to pinpoint its conception.

Posts by James Rose

New Year, New Challenges

2017 was a busy but exciting year and I have now successfully been working at the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for six months. These months have gone by so quickly but a lot has been achieved in this time. Conferences During my time with the BSO, I have attended some fascinating conferences. On ...

A wide shot of James facing away from the camera conducting to A4 posters of instruments on the walls of his lounge.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

 Composer-in-residence It is safe to say that I have settled into my role at the BSO and still loving it! Since my last post, we have recruited Alexander Campkin as the ensemble’s Composer-in-Residence for the ensemble about which I am so delighted. The journey from whittling down to 1 composer from ...

James Rose, Dougie Scarfe (the CEO of the BSO), Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers at the Proms in Meyrick Park, Bournemouth. Credit: Starlight Photography

Concerts and Composers

I’m in my eleventh week at the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and I’m loving it! Recently, I went to the BSO’s very own Proms in the Park staged over three days in Meyrick Park, Bournemouth. This fun-filled 48 hr period included meeting the private donors contributing a significant amount against ...

Photo: James Rose in a meeting at the BSO.

Starting at the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Since my last post on Disability Arts Online (DAO) last October, things have progressed far beyond anything I could have imagined.  Since you’re reading this, you might have already noticed the publicity surrounding Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s (the BSO) Change Makers project and that I am now training there to develop ...

Conducting Development Week title graphic. Project partners: Arts Council England, Drake Music, filmpro, Royal Academy of Music, Disability Arts Online, Orchestra of St. John's, and Together 2012.

Conducting at Royal Academy of Music – The Evaluation

My last post was about my preparation for the project week and now I'm reporting back on what happened. I'm pleased to say that the project at Royal Academy of Music in May went extremely well.  I've taken the liberty of providing you with an audio recording of the pieces I ...

Photo outlining the attachment of the conductors baton to James Rose's glasses

New Score, New Head-Baton, and Ready to Make Some Noise!

This is my last blog article before the conducting development week at The Royal Academy of Music and things are hotting up. The score is ready and we now have a brand new version of the head baton. It has been interesting preparing the parts for the four instruments all be ...

James Rose photographed at the Liberty event at the Olympic Park with a series of sculptural musical instruments behind him

The Learning Process

Transitioning from a visual-centric way of thinking to the audio equivalent has been an interesting journey. It has entailed a change in the priority of what senses I use and ultimately how I think. With film, theatre, and dance, one can visualise their intentions before making them a reality.  But ...

portrait of disabled conductor James Rose wearing a conductor's head baton

The Physicality of Conducting

Whilst at the Royal Academy of Music, I have learnt many things. Whilst watching a conducting student practicing and being taught by Sian Edwards (RA Head of Conducting), you’ll often see the other conducting students moving their hands and or batons in the air internalising the instruction and music. At ...

portrait of disabled conductor James Rose wearing a conductor's head baton

Why Conducting?

So why get into a really weird and specialised art form about which few people understand? I have set my sights high in committing to the journey of music conducting, I know, but it feels right. Whilst I was preparing my application to the Arts Council, I was asked to write ...