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Kelly Glover

Kelly resides in Greensboro, North Carolina where she is the supreme leader of 3 children, 2 cats, and 1 failed marriage. Suffering through depression and autoimmune disease has taught her to find the humor in the darkness, and through that humor bursts the light. Cliche' could be her middle name, but she prefers Louise. A fresh passion for creative writing and poetry has given her life a new focus and purpose.

Posts by Kelly Glover

Crohns Disease

Diagnosis Day

There are certain days in a person's life that alter their existence. A wedding day forever binds one human to another. A funeral forever separates. The birth of a child adds and multiplies love, while the birth of a disease subtracts hope. There are days that we all know for ...

The Crown of Crohn’s Disease

It hurts Waves of pain Rain an assault Fistulizing Intestines wrenching A colon's Indian sunburn It is invisible Constant and unyielding The beautiful illusion on the outside Holds the ugly masterpiece within It forces food into an enemy What sustains induces more pain Does not nourish Not eating is no option Is no cure Is no solution The body feeds on itself Gnawing on disease The crown of ...

One Thursday Morning with Crohn’s

Foul vomitus Erupts from my stomach Purges from my esophagus Burning my throat Retching in the bowl Breathe. Is it over? Never even begun Heaving. Heavy breathing When does my yoga breath activate? Hyper emesis Again, again, again Minutes. Hours Gagging on the nausea Regurgitating the pain Over and over Unyielding disgorgement Blood vessels explode My hands are tingling Legs going numb Help. I need help Call. they come Same questions ...

The Dragon

The cycle begins. Hour one. The first flutter of nausea starts to grow, stretching its angry wings within. Something will soon be very wrong as the body prepares to void. An application of heat to a tender set of intestines, lends hope that the wave of retching will be absolved. ...


Autoimmune Body out of tune Attacking itself Triumph over itself Agony wins From deep within Fighting against The fight against Myself Suppressing From doing more harm To myself Climbing out of a black hole Reaching the light and back again Body has to pay the toll It can not Take me From me


The Crohn’s Chronicles

I feel compelled to share a piece of my personal story. I put everything else out there, why not this? About six months after a very ugly divorce, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. It is an incurable autoimmune disorder that effects the digestive system. There are a myriad of ...