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Paul Wilshaw

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Mind the Gap's Of Mice and Men

Well, you don’t look disabled: the thorny issue of visible impairments taking centre stage

Paul Wilshaw is an actor with Mind the Gap theatre company, based in Bradford. He’s been interested in theatre, television and the soaps from a young age, but struggles with casting that demands a specific ‘type’ of impairment. I started acting at the age of 10 in Dorset, and moved up ...

A photograph from Mind the Gap's show Contained, featuring the performers sitting down in row in chairs.

I am me, I am here and I am fine – Paul Wilshaw on ‘CONTAINED’

Performer Paul Wilshaw reflects on what it has been like baring himself on stage for Mind the Gap's new touring show, CONTAINED, in an illuminating behind-the-scenes account of this unique production. My name is Paul Wilshaw. I am a performer at Mind the Gap on the Artist Development Programme. When Mind the ...