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Robin Surgeoner

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The front cover of Leroy Moore's book Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics featuring a cartoon of a young black man hitting a baseball with a bat. There is a zimmer frame in the background.

Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics

With the release of Leroy Moore's new book Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics, Robin Surgeoner spoke to him about the history, issues and smouldering angst that the verbiage within delivers like punches to one's conscience. Leroy Moore aka Black Kripple is an American poet, activist and founder of the Krip Hop movement, which produces ...

A photograph of 7 music performers at Heart N Soul's Soundlab Play Space. The performers are using a series of electronic instruments including tablets. Some are using microphones and three are wearing white lab coats.

Heart N Soul – Soundlab – Play Space

Soundlab - Play Space is an innovative digital technology project created and delivered by creative arts charity Heart N Soul in conjunction with Goldsmiths University of London and the Public Domain Corporation. It took place in London on 25 November and Robin Surgeoner aka Angryfish, was amongst the crowd. As we ...

album cover with a photo of performer Johnny Crescendo wearing a 'Piss on Pity' t-shirt

Who Is Johnny Crescendo?

This month is the 25th Anniversary of Richard Reiser and Micheline Mason’s report 'Disability Equality in the Classroom: A Human Rights Issue'. To celebrate this milestone, the authors are holding a two-day conference from 20-21 March, a highlight of which will be a performance headlined by singer, songwriter Johnny Crescendo, ...

A photograph of Ian Dury performing with a mic stand

Political Pop to Pierce The Prophylaxis of The Non-Disabled

Robin Surgeoner AKA Angryfish looks for political songwriting. Looking for a definition he asks, does it exist within “philosophical laments, agit-pop, punk angst, prosaic provocative folk, indie rock, hard rock, reggae rock, and the list goes on…” You can be sure that within each and every musical genre you can think ...