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Steph Niciu

Steph Niciu is a freelance journalist. She has a particular interest in the arts and entertainment. She writes a monthly arts column in the Southport Visiter, which covers local arts and theatre shows in the area and beyond, and she has previously been a contributor for Liverpool music blog Getintothis, writing gig reviews and features including one piece that looked at wheelchair accessibility in Liverpool gig venues. In her spare time, Steph enjoys going to gigs and the theatre.

Posts by Steph Niciu

Lewis Bray in a chair

Cartoonopolis: a magical world brought from the back garden to the stage

Actor and writer Lewis Bray is currently touring his one-man show, which plays at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre this June. Cartoonopolis  sees his younger brother, Jack’s imaginary world brought to the stage. Steph Niciu meets Lewis and Jack to talk about why this show is so important and the creative process ...

Photo of Charlotte Cooper and Liz Car sharing a joke

The merits of accessible live streaming of theatre and congress at DaDaFest 2016

Steph Niciu co-ordinated the live-streaming of the first day of Congress, The Kindness of Strangers and Fat Activism at DaDaFest International Festival 2016 last November/ December. Here she talks about the importance of live-streaming in making the arts accessible to disabled people and the logistics of what makes a good ...