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Yvonne J Foster

Yvonne J Foster is an artist and a designer. She hand-makes miniature works of art, books and tiny boxes; creates graphic portraits; and uses art to process thoughts and emotions: expressing her feelings or leaving them behind and creating her own worlds. Yvonne’s first e-book ‘Inside' is a direct and unapologetic visual account of her experiences, thoughts and emotions following a breakdown. When not creating art, Yvonne works with local organisations to deliver Arts of Health programmes and artists facing barriers.

Posts by Yvonne J Foster

Brain Landscapes

When the clutter in my head becomes so noisy that I can't function, I reach for a black pen and I draw. It begins to calm my brain, leaving me able to think a little clearer and continue engaging with life. I use repetition, in lines, crosshatching and scribbles. I call them Brain ...

Notebook words

Transition, Reflection and Storytelling

It seems that I have been in a period of transition and reflection. My most recent exhibition Drawing Insight at Pallant House Gallery has finished. Being part of a collaborative project with it's fair share of ups and downs, has left me with many questions. What do I do and why? is one that ...

What’s Inside Box #117?

The contents of Box #117 is the result of many months work as part of the Insight Project: a collaborate project developed by Outside In at Pallant House Gallery and University of Chichester. I was paired with recent MA Fine Art graduate Deborah Petch and supported by another graduate Rachel Redfern, ...

Portrait of Yvonne with blank eyes

My Misery Work

A few years ago I had a breakdown. Life had left me tangled up and in a heap. I began to make what I affectionately call my 'Misery Work'. Spilling out my emotions through words, scribbles, and altered photographs. I was responding to what life had thrown at me by creating ...

Portrait of the artist made with superimposed text

Yvonne J. Foster: Inside

‘Inside’ by Yvonne J Foster is an artist’s exploration of living with depression. Created using altered photographs, and scribbled images the book provides a direct and unapologetic visual account of life with severe depression documenting Yvonne's experiences, thoughts and emotions following a breakdown. A Brighton-based artist and designer living with mental ...