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Aidan Moesby

My practice is mainly divided between projects which I initate and manage as an artist and those which have a more curatorial focus. Within my arts practice these projects tend to be socially engaged. I extensively work within Arts and health. As a curator I am interested in projects which address our social, physical, urban and natural evironments - particularly where they intersect with elements of our well-being. My work is underpinned through conversation - real, overheard, imagined or visual. I am particularly interested in weather and climate change as a metaphor for wellbeing.

Posts by Aidan Moesby

Being Welcomed as a Stranger

ISAN CONFERENCE 27/28 November 2017 Milton Keynes When I go to a conference I go because I want to engage, be engaged with, learn, be challenged and maybe have a bit of fun. I applied and was successful in getting a ‘New Faces’ bursary for the National Outdoor Arts Conference (Independant ...

Sepia image of a metal circular blade suspended above a brightly-lit wooden floor

Where are the disabled Curators?

How do disabled visual artists get to have their work taken seriously when the Art world is so hell-bent against placing value on artwork placed within a disability context? Aidan Moesby discusses the thorny issue of the Curator - gatekeeper for the work we see in public and commercial galleries. I ...

New Years News

Happy 2017. Hopefully better than last year. This is a little of what I'm up to. I'm looking forward to making new collaborations and re-igniting old ones. I'm hoping to further my work around Weather and Climate Change and how that ties in with wellbeing. This will combine making and curating. UNFIXED ...

A photograph of two sets of lego minifigures under a bell jar

Artists Union of England

I have recently been elected to the Executive of the Artists Union of England. There has never been a time more relevant for unions or when thay have been needed as much as today in the face of pernicious austerity and dogmatic cuts that benefit the rich and leave the poor ...

Photograph of a group of people standing outside. prominent in the foreground is a man with a white coat and clipboard.

Disability Associate at Salisbury International Arts Festival

I have been appointed the Disability Associate for Salisbury International Arts Festival. I am looking at the organisations activity within a Disability context. For exampe one of my first 'actions' was to ask all the staff what came to mind when they heard the word 'Disability' and when had they felt ...