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Emma Robdale

I am Emma Robdale and I have recently finished an MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University. My posts will feature short stories and poetry that incorporate elements of my own experiences with learning difficulties. This blog will also feature articles on how to develop and expand upon Disability Culture, with particular focus on Spectrum qualities in women. Women on the Spectrum are currently being underrepresented within media covering Autism and Asperger's and it is my hope that this can be remedied.

Posts by Emma Robdale

Leigh Johnstone

Rum in the Gravy Boat: the impact of an alcoholic parent

Rum in the Gravy Boat showed at the The Warren venue as part of Brighton Fringe Festival 11-13 May. It was produced by Fluid Motion Theatre Company, a group specializing in mental health. This two-person play was based upon the actor’s own memories of growing up with an alcoholic mother. ...

Exhibition shot, with walls and floor covered in coloured tape

Art by Johnny Carroll-Pell: exploring inclusive curation

Coinciding with Autism Awareness Week last month, 'Art by Johnny’ was a fabulously vibrant exhibition held at Phoenix Studios in Brighton, comprised solely of Johnny Carroll-Pell’s paintings. Johnny is a 20-year-old autistic artist who has been a member of the Rocket Artists studio for two years. In this time, he ...

Undercover Autistics

Having a diagnosis of Autism/Asperger’s can be an issue of identity and disclosure. From being presumed to have no sense of humour, no empathy and a limited understanding of social skills, to conversations where 'neurotypicals' list all suspected autistic relatives….  Maybe it's best not to disclose? Recently, while staying at a ...

Photo of a white woman presenting in front of a screen

Eclectic Dyslexics: Could Neurodiversity be Key to Artistic Success?

Dyslexia is often viewed in terms of difficulty, but have potential advantages been overlooked? DYSPLA, an organisation dedicated to ‘producing the work of dyslexic story-makers’ seeks the 'Dyslexic Aesthetic'. On the 15th March 2018 DYSPLA hosted a talk at the Crypt Gallery, London. Being a dyslexic writer herself, Emma Robdale was keen to find out more and sought out Lennie Varvarides, founder of DYSPLA, and proud ...


Can Autism Awareness be Counter-Productive?

Recently I attended a small talk on Autism Awareness. I took a seat around a large square table. While waiting for the speaker to arrive I chatted with a group of women; some told me that they had a daughter, son or brother on the spectrum and had come for advice. ...

Emma Robdale