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Gill Crawshaw

Gill Crawshaw has a history of using art to highlight disabled people’s inequality. In 2016 she curated "Shoddy" an exhibition of work by disabled artists, for a gallery in Leeds. Featuring textiles, that challenged negative assumptions during a time of austerity and cuts, which are disproportionately affecting disabled people.

Posts by Gill Crawshaw

Judith Scott and Saelia Aparicio,

Your Consequences Have Actions

Your Consequences Have Actions is the first solo show in the UK by Saelia Aparicio, shown alongside selected works from the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection by Aloise Corbaz, Madge Gill, Lee Godie, Martha Grunenwaldt, Marie Rose Lortet and Judith Scott. It is exhibiting at The Tetley, Leeds 24 November ...

Here’s one disabled curator!

As a disabled person currently studying an MA in Curation Practices, I was pleased to read Aidan Moesby’s article, Where are the disabled curators? last month. Is pleased the right word? Because Aidan outlines a number of persistent barriers, particularly prejudice and negativity, that disabled people trying to break into ...

Photo of an elderly woman sat on a chair whilst talking to the camera

‘The Circle and The Square’ reveals a history of disabled people in the textile industries

Suzanne Lacy’s film installation The Circle and The Square was shown at Northlight (Brierfield Mill) in the Pennines for two weeks last month. Gill Crawshaw reflects on the work produced by Super Slow Way to find a wealth of potential for an untold history of disabled people's lives. I could hear the ...

The cast of Tommy

Confusion follows a trip to see Ramps on the Moon theatre adaptation of the Who’s ‘Tommy’

I recently went to see the production of Tommy at West Yorkshire Playhouse. With shows by companies of disabled people or featuring disabled actors few and far between in Leeds, I was keen to see it. But I did have a bit of nervousness. I haven’t seen the film of ...