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Jo-anne Cox

Engage and Interact is a research and development project by Jo-anne Cox, to create an audience interactive electric cello performance in partnership with Together! 2012 and DAO. The work is being developed with inclusion at its heart and will offer audiences new and exciting ways to engage with electric cello. The development of music and light technology for audience use is dedicated to friend and fellow DM Collaborate musician Sophie Partridge. The overall project is funded by Arts Council England. Interactive light technology is supported by Help Musicians UK and designed by creative technologist Charles Mathews.

Posts by Jo-anne Cox

Audio Lighting with Charles Matthews

Drawing all the elements of my project together for a test performance next month, is challenging. Luckily I have such excellent project management and access support from Foteini Galanopoulou. Tactile sound, stage lighting, audience interactive lighting, cello reactive lighting, assistive music technology, dance ribbons, story. Yes it will all be ready ...

Tactile Sound with Together! 2012

Music is vibration, music is colour, music is movement and music is sound! More ways to engage offer more ways in. Exploration of digital and non digital arts is a key part of developing my inclusive electric cello performance. I am so lucky to have been offered the chance to explore ...

interactive light, shining purple light with visible components.

The year long funding application!

Wow! It took me a year to fundraise for my project. I received the good news but my reaction was not as expected. Yes I was pleased, but utterly drained by the whole process. Another few days for it to sink in and I was really happy and excited. Fundraising is ...