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Raquel Meseguer

Raquel co-founded Lost Dog and co-directed 'It Needs Horses' and 'Paradise Lost (Lies Unopened Beside Me)'. She recently founded Unchartered Collective and is currently working on A Crash Course In Cloudspotting, produced by Ovalhouse.

Posts by Raquel Meseguer

The Cartography of Rest

When you have a long term condition like chronic pain, you see and move through the city quite differently: I am always on the look out for places to lie down; I pace my activities meticulously so I don’t find myself out of the house for too long; and I ...

The Light Choir: Reframing Rest as a Creative Act

If you read my last blog “Dreams of Resting Spaces and a Resting Network”, you’ll know I have an invisible impairment (chronic pain) and that I need to lie down (a lot). I spent 8 years trying to cure myself, lost in a terrain I didn’t know how to navigate. When ...

Dreams of Resting Spaces and a Resting Network

I have an invisible disability (chronic pain), and I need to lie down (a lot). It is difficult to be out in the world unless I lie down and rest when I need to: on trains, in galleries, on benches. Sometimes I get kick back, and sometimes I get moved ...

Raquel Meseguer