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My Book ‘DSM 69’ – Your Support Needed.

DSM 69 by Dolly Sen

DSM 69 by Dolly Sen

DSM 69 is my subversive take on psychiatry through art and writing, and Eleusinian Press, a small publishing company has started a kickstarter campaign to fund a print run so my mischief and mental health activism can reach further into the world. This is what my publisher has written on the kickstarter page:

Dolly Sen is a well known artist and activist working and exploring what it means to experience mental distress and the effercts of being labelled with a psychiatric diagnosis. Her art is witty, humorous, but also cutting and corusacting subtly getting under the skin of everyday psychiatric assumptions that leaves one feeling both wiser and nourished yet still in good humour. We are all the better for her art.

DSM69 is a small booklet, a notice of intent, containing a selection of Dolly’s art and several manifestos. It is set at a reasonably low price and will be commerically available.

Eleusinian Press is honoured to be publishing the book, it’s directors’ having previously worked with Dolly on critical projects and in the activist world.

We hope to launch the book in June 2017.

So readers: I need your support to spread the word and donate if you can. Let’s get more copies of this out there than DSM 5!

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Jane McCormick

Good luck with this Dolly….another wonderfully subversive action!


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