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Blog - Film and Television

My film ‘Dear CCTV Camera’ asks the CCTV to look at itself

A few years back, I wrote a poetry blog on DAO that asks awkward questions to a CCTV camera, that interrogates everything about the CCTV, its users, and the ideology behind it. Here it is now in film form. Enjoy! I promise I won't be watching you.


Sitting among 20 odd old white folk Concessioned on a Monday To watch I Am Not Your Negro Suggests their civil rights struggle Became our entertainment Their martyrs our heroes As the celluloid image Recites the lines we know The songs we sing The police dance of brutality Moves choreographed with truncheons And I feel a disconnect As I think of Cameron And

photo of a pill sachet

My First Animation – Meds Don’t Cure Abuse

Although I have been a filmmaker for a long time, I have never done any animation. Animation is a process that makes the illusion of either movement or change through a rapid display of sequenced images. I was back at my old uni at the weekend, where I am trying with ...

Image of Katherine Araniello holding a beach ball with a prosthetic hand.

A day in the life of a SUPERHUMAN

In the wake of highly inspirational Olympics and Paralympics in Rio, an ordinary human caught up with a superhuman: What is the most superhuman thing about you? (Please pick only one superhuman quality) Oh God, there are so many. If I had to go with just one, I guess raising my eyebrows ...

Nine people sit or lie on a mattress in a small room, crowded closely together, looking into the camera. They all read from books. One of them is using British Sign Language. Left to right: Robert Softley Gale, Nathan Gale, Lake Montgomery, Sandra Alland, Izdihar Alodhami, Bea Webster, Cate Lauder, Matson Lawrence, Chris Red. Photo by Ania Urbanowska (still from filming).


Following on from my last blog post, I've continued to develop the staged reading of my short story, "Equivalence". While receiving choreographic/movement mentorship from Claire Cunningham and Caroline Bowditch, I was also planning a film shoot at my new flat (uh-oh time to unpack!) with nine performers, a ...

toddler watching the superhumans ad on a laptop

In defense of ‘We’re the Superhumans’

I love Channel 4’s 2016 ‘We’re the Superhumans’ ad.But then, of course I’m biased, because the ad makes a perfect babysitter, it really does. My son, who is almost 18 months, is completely enthralled by the clip, wiggling his curly little head to the rhythm of the music. Whenever it’s ...

Blog Launch: Surgeons’ Hall Horror Show

Today I’m launching my DAO blog, which will mostly feature information and updates about my ongoing disabled- and Deaf-themed art projects and collaborations. I also like to write about other artists who create, interrogate and interrupt narratives around disability, Deaf culture, (a)gender, class, (a)sexuality, colonialism and race – and my ...

Image of Katherine Araniello, with gold stars around her face

Miracle of Life (a new line of work under the label ‘Really Bad Films’)

Banter between SickBitchCrips (SBC) and guest, Victim A SBC: Look at that pile of shit, what d’ya think? VA: Spurious nonsense, in my opinion. SBC: Just gonna check what that means… Yeah, it’s fake, innit? VA: I wouldn’t trust that dodgy bastard as far as I can spit. SBC: She’s a cunt. I wanna gag her. VA: ...

Gillian Wearing's installation A Room with Your Views, a green room with beanbags and a screen showing the video work with curtains either side.

Sarah Watson reviews Gillian Wearing’s ‘A Room with Your Views’

The HOUSE Festival Brighton 2016. Gillian Wearing - A Room With Your Views. A HOUSE/Brighton Festival co-commission. University of Brighton Galleries, 58-67 Grand Parade, Brighton 30 April - 29 May. I went see the house launch for Gillian on Friday 29th April. Venue: The exhibition is inside dark green house with little cute ...

Photo of Katherine with orange hair in her wheelchair in front of a brick wall

SickBitchCrips advise on how to become a Porn Star

A campaign called ‘Help Katherine’s wish come true’ has caught the retina of SickBitchCrips, who don’t support charity. They find it an abhorrent act of humility and patronisation. It is disgusting, belittling and demeaning. As far as SBC are concerned, disabled people are pathetic, just like the rest of us. If ...