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In All Good Faith film still 1

In All Good Faith

In the latest Praxis-Forum blog, Dionysia Mylonaki talks about their artistic practice.  My practice explores “legitimate” narratives as social, political and economic mechanisms, such as empathy, labour, property and solidarity. I’m interested in trans-disciplinary and open approaches as a way of researching notions of the public and as a tool to critically confront ...

storyboard for inside

Making a film about psychosis – please donate to our indiegogo page

Inside is the second film in my trilogy of films about psychosis. The first film 'Outside' looked at the subjective experience of psychosis. 'OUTSIDE' has been shown at international film festivals, used in mental health campaigns and as a teaching aid for doctors and screened at psychiatric conferences worldwide. It ...

Flyer for horizontal cinema featuring photo pf Whitney Huoston

The best seat in the house: an unashamedly crip trip to the cinema

I arrive at the box office, and give them my name. The lady behind the desk says: ‘ah you’re participating in the horizontal cinema’. I’m surprised, I’d expected to have to explain, a little awkwardly, that I will be lying down to see ‘Whitney’ on this fine July evening. And although ...

Film still - SCRRIPTT By Rosanne Robertson and Barry Anthony Finan


Barry Anthony Finan and Rosanne Robertson will present their work at European Outsider art Association Conference 2018 | Outside In at Pallant House Gallery We're really delighted to be presenting at the first European Outsider Art Association Conference in the UK, hosted by our friends Outside In at Pallant House ...

flyer for the Irish film Sanctuary

Sanctuary – Film Review A of friendly piece of advice to a film director seeking to get his film financed and distributed; “Who wants to see a film about retards having sex?”. How many attitudinal barriers exist in that sentence? Language. Here’s another one. According to Director, Len Collin, at a Q and A, given ...

Photo of liz Carr as Clarissa Mullery in Silent Witness

Silent Witness: history in the making

Silent Witness makes television history this coming Monday on BBC 1 at 9pm. Liz Carr’s character Clarissa Mullery steps up to the mark and becomes the focus of the interweaving storylines that are the hallmark of the drama series about a team of forensic pathologists. One Day - the title of ...

Photo of the front of a yellow DAN t-shirt with the London underground logo and the words "we will ride".

Defiant Wastelands

In which DAO charge Richard Downes to watch a film and give a personal response based on then and now. 12 hours ago I left my wife sleeping. Now she is catching up with a neighbour, enjoying children and eating chocolate cake. I am stranded at the arse-end of the jubilee ...

Screwing a light bulb into the Sky'


This might be strange from an artist/writer who uses her medium politically a lot of the time, but I think art does not change the world. I look at my art and writing as a shield to face the world and maybe divert the thought, the action and the heart ...

Shadowlight Artists September 2017 Meeting, with Sara Lowes from Modern art Oxford

Shadowlight Artists news October 2017

It has been a very busy time for the Shadowlight Artists over the last couple of months. As well as having two group planning meetings, each individual artist has started work on their new individual projects. Sara Lowes from Modern Art Oxford attended the September meeting as she is giving ...

My film ‘Dear CCTV Camera’ asks the CCTV to look at itself

A few years back, I wrote a poetry blog on DAO that asks awkward questions to a CCTV camera, that interrogates everything about the CCTV, its users, and the ideology behind it. Here it is now in film form. Enjoy! I promise I won't be watching you.