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My film ‘Dear CCTV Camera’ asks the CCTV to look at itself

A few years back, I wrote a poetry blog on DAO that asks awkward questions to a CCTV camera, that interrogates everything about the CCTV, its users, and the ideology behind it. Here it is now in film form. Enjoy! I promise I won't be watching you.

Michelle Baharier: making art from the human condition

Depression a name Given to your state of mind A name used to describe you to others A name for want of any other name A time of non-existence A frame without borders A newspaper Yet for me Art is the only Tool

Notebook words

Transition, Reflection and Storytelling

It seems that I have been in a period of transition and reflection. My most recent exhibition Drawing Insight at Pallant House Gallery has finished. Being part of a collaborative project with it's fair share of ups and downs, has left me with many questions. What do I do and why? is ...

Delete Where Applicable by Dolly Sen


Hurt - Deleted Dignity - Deleted Love - Deleted Tears - Deleted Humanity - Deleted Belonging - Deleted Dreams - Deleted Meaning - Deleted Loneliness - Never, ever Deleted

Image of a head with several rooms in which tortuous acts are visualised as a metaphor for everything we're not allowed to say about our oppression by the powers that be

is hearing the voice durhams uncritical promoting ov eugenicist awarded medal by göring cooool?

godwins laws some internet-saying as discussion grows anything will end compared to hitler but hearing the voice durham do include writings ov eugenicist given medal by göring in their current exhibition / online & completely without context & ...

Portrait of Yvonne with blank eyes

My Misery Work

A few years ago I had a breakdown. Life had left me tangled up and in a heap. I began to make what I affectionately call my 'Misery Work'. Spilling out my emotions through words, scribbles, and altered photographs. I was responding to what life had thrown at me by creating ...

Kevin Coyne’s ‘Beautiful Extremes’ – a little known classic from 1977

Beautiful Extremes is a collection of songs Kevin Coyne recorded between 1974 and 1977, either as radio sessions, or at the Manor studios in Oxfordshire and the Alvic studio in Wimbledon. Many were recorded at a time Kevin was working with a rock band and had remained unreleased. I remember the ...

New Years News

Happy 2017. Hopefully better than last year. This is a little of what I'm up to. I'm looking forward to making new collaborations and re-igniting old ones. I'm hoping to further my work around Weather and Climate Change and how that ties in with wellbeing. This will combine making and curating. UNFIXED ...

abstract image with the text 'too much poetrys middle ov the ode' from an e-book by sean burn,

comin ov rage

(some) brokenword in brokentimes - dedicated to all on diy 13 (in leith - season, rhea, rebecca, nathaniel, andrea, alexandrina) plus lada in general / also celf / daily life unlimited / dash / dao / madstudiers all sides all borders (... mad studies north east collective, launchpad, qmu / ...

Spanking Reality’s Arse for Mental Health Resistance Network

On Friday 25th November, I will be spanking normality's arse by performing some poetry & comedy for Mental Health Resistance Network's celebration of women survivors. Mental Health Resistance Network say this about themselves: 'MHRN are Mental Health Survivors resisting Tory persecution of the sick and disabled in the interests of their super ...