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A Very Queer Nazi Faust – a brand new play by Vince Laws at Norwich Pride 2017

The play aims to highlight the plight of disabled humans under the current Tory government and the previous Tory /Lib Dem coalition. It features the DEAD PEOPLE DON’T CLAIM banner, and a host of local legends, telling ‘The Tragic True Life & Deserved Death of a Benefit Scrounger by Himself, ...

Energetic image of two eyes. Beneath them are the words 'A Very Queer Nazi Faust' in bold

A Very Queer Nazi Faust is happening!

Working as an independent poet, artist and campaigner, I'm going to make the following happen in 2017 in Norwich. A Very Queer Nazi Faust is an experimental participatory theatre project. It's to celebrate 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, and to highlight the plight of disabled ...

Photo of young actor with Down's Syndrome singing into a microphone

Creative Minds: Mind the Gap: ‘Daughters of Fortune ‘Mia’

Four members of Razed Roof Theatre Company went to a performance of Mia by Mind the Gap and sent in the following responses: Review by Emma Hutchin What the company trying to say? What was it about? To tell a story about pregnancy and parenthood and also motherhood. How did  it look – ...