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One Thursday Morning with Crohn’s

Foul vomitus Erupts from my stomach Purges from my esophagus Burning my throat Retching in the bowl Breathe. Is it over? Never even begun Heaving. Heavy breathing When does my yoga breath activate? Hyper emesis Again, again, again Minutes. Hours Gagging on the nausea Regurgitating the pain Over and over Unyielding disgorgement Blood vessels explode My hands are tingling Legs going numb Help. I need help Call. they come Same questions ...


The Crohn’s Chronicles

I feel compelled to share a piece of my personal story. I put everything else out there, why not this? About six months after a very ugly divorce, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. It is an incurable autoimmune disorder that effects the digestive system. There are a myriad of ...

Isolte Avila and David Bower from Signdance Collective

Signdance Collective present ‘Carthage/ Cartagena’

Signdance Collective celebrate a 30-year anniversary with an international tour of Carthage/Cartagena by Obie Award-winning playwright Caridad Svich and will be performing at Oxford Playhouse, Burton Taylor Studio on Friday 7th July at 7.30pm and Theaterlab, New York from July 19th -21st Set in an imagined despoiled, war-torn landscape, Carthage/Cartagena uncovers ...

Blind Willie McTell

The Legacy of the Blues

The Legacy of the Blues: The Art and Lives of twelve great bluesmen by Samuel Charters. I bought a copy of this book originally in a charity shop, back in the 1980s. From time to time I would read bits of it. However, I had drifted away from the blues, a ...

photo of author Peter Street outside a plaque detailing the establishment of Albuquerque

Mad Dogs and Me

Tuesday 24. 3. 09 Like any other morning: Tablets. Coffee. Shower. Breakfast. Boring, until hand written letter with a Kansas City postmark from a Professor Fred Whitehead (retired) Missouri Uni’ Kansas City?

Dear Peter Street, I very much enjoyed reading about you in The Guardian Newspaper: James Morrison's: "Accidental Poet" Guardian: 17th

Image of a female performance artist wearing a mask and blowing a balloon

Disability Arts Online work with the British Council to promote disability arts internationally

The last few years have seen a strong contingent of British artists being showcased overseas through festival appearances and international touring. Through its focus on supporting disabled artists and a strong partnership with the Unlimited programme, the British Council has a key role in helping to spark new opportunities abroad ...