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Blog - South west

Photo: James Rose in a meeting at the BSO.

Starting at the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Since my last post on Disability Arts Online (DAO) last October, things have progressed far beyond anything I could have imagined.  Since you’re reading this, you might have already noticed the publicity surrounding Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s (the BSO) Change Makers project and that I am now training there to ...

a stone with wood and metal inlays proclaiming welcocme to the Totnes - Dartington Access for All Path. One of the metal inlays is written in braille.

In Breath We Walk

Strange how a mood, personal or national, changes an intention. I had it in mind to write a celebratory piece on a path that runs between Dartington and Totnes, which proclaims itself an 'access path for all'. It was to be a celebration of community.

Photograph of Alex Cowan in a loft carrying a box

Alex Cowan, NDACA Archivist, Digs DAM History

In his latest blog, Alex Cowan, NDACA Archivist, explores just what made the Disability Arts Movement (DAM) history so accessible – those who went before him.

“The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it” (Samuel Johnson) “Knowledge of the world in only to be acquired in the

Photograph of a group of people standing outside. prominent in the foreground is a man with a white coat and clipboard.

Disability Associate at Salisbury International Arts Festival

I have been appointed the Disability Associate for Salisbury International Arts Festival. I am looking at the organisations activity within a Disability context. For exampe one of my first 'actions' was to ask all the staff what came to mind when they heard the word 'Disability' and when had they felt ...

portrait of actor with a red streak in his hair

Adapting a play script for different settings

My play Impisi was originally written as a two-hander and was created for specific actors, Ellis Pearson and Bheki Mkwane. These two South Africans were very accomplished physical actors, one was trained at École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and both of them had worked together for many years, in many ...

A group of disabled actors, some of whom are in wheelchairs on stage performing Clive Essame's Impisi

Is disability art just for disabled people?

When I originally wrote my play Impisi my intention was for it to be performed by actors – both professional and amateur, both disabled and not – and for audiences made up of the general public. The play encourages us to look at some of the issues around disability while being ...

A photograph of the cast and crew of CEDA's production of Clive Essame's play, Impisi. It shows many actors in wheelchairs and others standing on a theatre set.

On being a writer

Being a writer is a hard business.

“I would advise anyone who aspires to a writing career that before developing his talent he would be wise to develop a thick hide.” —Harper Lee
But it is only the start of being a writer who produces work that is read, seen or heard. To ...

A photograph of a performance of Clive Essame's Impisi in Grahamstown in South Africa featuring performers Sdumo Mtshali and Ellis Pearson

The best place to write a play!

There can be few places that can be better to write a play script than on the beach in Durban, South Africa! Having been so impressed by the work of South African actor/writer Ellis Pearson, and made a plan to tell the story I wanted to tell about disability and ...

Alice Holland stands holding a trophy, wearing a showgirl outfit with an applauding crowd around her

Fringe Diary Day 1: Champions / 26 August 2015

Yesterday I was supposed to be swanning about Edinburgh seeing shows and catching up with old pals, but an airport bomb scare threw things off so all I managed was to go to the iF Platform launch and British Council Showcase opening party and give myself a hangover before leaving. ...

I like Verdana, but there are fonts I like better. Choosing one that works on a website is not just a matter of taste, you need to get into the mind of the person doing those typography things, like kerning. And why do font foundries include desktop only fonts in their top webfont choices? I know, its all about money...

type caste / 1 July 2015

How exciting it is to stumble upon someone who speaks like a kindred spirit...hello Twitter and the Internet. And how galling to discover that this exciting spirit articulates what they do so very much better than I do... I'm not ignoring the acts of government evil #disabilityconfident is just one more nail...(LinkUpArts ...