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A picture of a woman in a white broad brimmed hat, black dress with white polka dots, holding her camera up in front of her. She’s smiling just a little too much. On her right is a black guide dog in a white harness.

Selfie of Daphne With Matching Guide dog

Hello out there to all you readers of Disability Arts Online! I’m Daphne, and I’m about to become your favourite Agony Aunt.

It’s true that I cannot claim to be different, not in the way that most of you reading this can, but I have been giving people with difference advice for many, many years. Couple this with my monthly subscription to guide-dogs and my up-to-date First Aide qualification, I guarantee you don’t need to go to anyone else to get the answers you need.

My first piece of general advice is to be more active! Now I know most of you arty types are not really interested in being Paralympians, but I’m going to change that! Yes, I want to get you hurdling – emotionally jumping – right over those everyday problems that are getting you down!

I thought the first one we could tackle, is that thorny issue of language. More and more people seem to assume that you all want and are happy to be described as Disabled. But personally, I really hate the term. There’s nothing positive about it! So, I thought I’d start by encouraging you to kick the Social Model into touch and come up with some new twenty first century terms of your own. After all, we’re in a post-modernist era and you don’t need to identify in the same way – you can basically call yourselves what you like!

What about Distinctive Walkers, or Marvellous Movers, or even Gradient Gliders for those with mobility impairment. We could try White Stick Waltzers, or braille bruisers for the visually impaired. Why not create hip-hop hand Talkers, or hearing aid heroes to describe Deaf People? And what about ditching hidden impairments and adopting Not So Normal instead?

So, get ready and get languaging!

Whatever you think – do get back to me!

It’s Daphne

It’s Disability Arts Online

And it’s over to you…

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Well Daphne as someone with celebrophobia sick of every bit of sterling being thrown at those poor unfortunate celebrities with more money than sense complaining about being so depressed they can’t get out of bed in the morning I wonder if there’s a case of celebrititus infecting Disability Arts? I’ve looked it up and it’s in the DSM – you know the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V – that everyone loves coz you only have to shed a tear for your poor uncle Albert who has passed away and you can be credited as being officially mentally… Read more »

Joe Turnbull

Hi Daphne, I think I might be one of the ‘normals’ what in heaven’s sake should I do?


And what the *^*** is wrong with ‘Self Describing’ (OK for LGBTIQ so why not for us?) as a Stroppy Crip? It may even stop the pats on head twerps being so patronising. Herself accidentally parks her wheelchair on feet – don’t deny it, wheelchair users have all thought about it even if they haven’t got quite that pissed off yet. At almost 62 they’ve started calling me ‘Elderly and Disabled’ but I’m in favour of the tag that my father (also disabled) was working towards….. Senile Delinquent, he missed out on the Juvenile version due to impairment so was… Read more »


Dear Jonathan. I applaud you with both the hands I’m lucky enough to have! Here’s to you being a stroppy senile delinquent! !! I’m not sure I should encourage you to park on other people’s feet though – I mean you might actually hurt someone. But I’m sure you didn’t actually want to promote such an idea. After all, you’re probably on a lot of medication. Please do stay in touch … Love daphne xx