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Declaration 3: Pronounced Resting


The Beech Tree on the Green in front of the old town hall

Here’s another one from that conservation battle that is gaining momentum in the local streets. All for a tree, all for a square, all for a town hall. The way these things represent our lives.

I’m particularly happy to represent this one here. There’s the line ‘proud angry and strong’. Every time, I hear that I hear Dennis Queen saying it. I’m proud to say this also reflects on something else I learned from activism within the movement. Choose your battles don’t fight them all. Rest sometimes. Gather your strength. May all our victories follow.

Article 3 from the Universaal Declaration of Human Rights reads; ‘Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person’. This poem responds to that.

Declaration 3: Pronounced Resting

Do I feel safe today?
Not very
But neither am I over worried
About any pervasive threat

Do I feel free?
Not very
Because right there
Nagging in my mind

A threat that comes and goes
Depending on how I shake
The dice
Or deal the cards

And do I feel energised today?
Again not very
Because I have closed the table
Put down my shaker
And decided not to engage
With any sense of threat

Threat to my home
Threat to my relationship
Threat to my town
Today I’ve closed down

Today is my day
A day for my thoughts
My pleasures
My interests

I will take my time
I’ll dilly dally
I’ll walk around the old oak tree
There I’ll tarry

And recall…..
As memory calls
A time when I learned
Not to fight every battle

Save time for yourself
Save time for the war
Fold up your banner
Proud, Angry and Strong

Time will come along
To find me once again
Engaged, protecting

Safe, Free, Energised
Security, Liberty, Life
There by the town hall tree
Life, Liberty, Security

The most pronounced of declarations

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