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Declaration; A View On The Colour Of Law


Amnesty International sign posted to the trunk of a tree

Another from the conservation campaign i’m involved in.

Hot news… one of the organisations i got involved with as a campaigner – The Highgate Society – like my idea of having a poetry reading one Sunday afternoon and are giving me access to their hall.

I’m looking for a little bit of other local support from poets and i’ve asked someone who blogs here too. Should be a bit of a do.

Declaration: A view on the colour of law

Article 6. reads “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law”.

In Haringey we have a law
In Crouch End we have a view
In Crouch End the view on law
Is that it has a special hue
And through that hue
It remains our view
That property owners, developers
Will do what they will do

And as for me a forlorn tree
There will be no representation
Only petitions and voices raised
By my beaten deputation
Made up of those who sat around
Kicked a ball or raised a song
Lawyers, barristers, none are found
I won’t be here too long

Summer’s gone the honeyed sun
Shone above my station
Whilst I stood to watch you run
We thought not of conservation
Here now with snow and cold dark nights
You sit in pubs wondering what to do
About the corrupt who have the law
Its green hue and our sodden view

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