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Abstract image involving layers of splattered colour

Degradation. Image © Alan Hopwood

Over the past few months, I have been trying to explore a new aesthetic, moving away from the therapeutic landscape images and working with concepts more directly related to my experiences of living with a disability and degenerative condition.

The notion that although age and illness are causing degradation in my body, I can still find positives in my new found lifestyle; even if they were not as planned. This idea has filtered more and more into my working practices and conceptual concerns.

Using both physical and digital processes, I explore the degradation of an image in order to find an new aesthetic. After all, isn’t this why we love antiques so much? old houses; classic cars.

The ageing process doesn’t just degrade, it leaves something behind, adding to the object. nostalgia and memory play their part too but the imperfections aren’t necessarily negative.

I have just completed my 2 year Cultivate mentoring program with DASH, which was so helpful and built my confidence to be more experimental in my work.

I would recommend any disabled artist to sign up for the next intake if you need help with your practice or exhibition plans etc. My next step is to develop proposals for the Arts Council funding and exhibit more widely.

I hope to blog more regularly if my condition allows, I would welcome any comments as I enjoy constructive criticism and debate.

Thank you for your patience

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Nick Lewis

Hello Alan…
I love the piece on your blog. I like the way you described your condition as degenerative (rather than “progressive” as the medics have it. I don’t know if you noticed my DAO blog, but it consists of a series of short stories about living happily with a degenerative condition (MS), and includes some of my own artwork. Nick Lewis

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