Introducing some of my writing:

I’m an emerging writer whose first collection of poetry, A Staff of Asklepios, is forthcoming (rilly, this time, we hope).  Many thanks to Dr Simon Jenner and Survivors’ Poetry whose mentoring process has led, we hope, to this publication.

I have several poems in Survivors’ newsletter Poetry Express editions 45 and 54.  They’re available by contacting Dave at –  bricolage92 at hotmail dot com.

DAO has also been enthusiastic and supportive, thanks to Colin and DAO. Some of my poems are in a showcase about my collection on this website (see below). You can read ‘Paper‘ and ‘Incarnation‘ (on the old DAO site) separately by clicking on their names.

I write appreciation of film and theatre and my own fictions and drama, as workload allows.

Background and Interests

I began writing poetry when completing the research for my Counselling MA. That training focused upon humanistic and especially Person Centred Counselling at Durham University (a department now sadly closed). It linked well to my previous studies in the arts and very much informs my approach. My interests are in wellbeing, especially as a survivor poet (of mental ill health). My work also reflects my journey with gender. I have broad range of other interests, poetry seems to open up the world.

It struck me early in my writing that Asklepian healing had similarity to a humanistic counselling process. It clearly also had other literary and dramatic links in those ancient times. My most helpful ways forward in wellbeing have been when in touch with such values and listening. Poetry has since helped me a lot. Not least my resilience, and it can bring so much more.

I do find writing can help my wellbeing, especially journalling. In my other writing I’ve found it helpful recently to revalidate some counselling values. Just to let myself write what speaks to me without judgement. Which may lead elsewhere, but doesn’t put the cart in front of the horse.