Bamboozle Theatre Company present Pulse, London


Price: £8 - £10


Child looks into a basket

Two characters celebrate the coming of the rain in song, movement and colour. Feel with them the thunder rumbling and the torrent of the replenished river as it tumbles over your feet.

Pulse is an immersive show designed for children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and who are on the autistic spectrum.

PMLD-specific performances are on Wednesday
Designed for children and young people who have profound and complex needs, and is particularly suitable for those who use a wheelchair.

Autism-specific performances are on Thursday
Designed to accommodate the very wide range of abilities within the autistic spectrum, including those who are considered hard-to-reach or present challenging behaviour. The autism-specific show involves workshop-style interaction with the audience and invites participants to explore the setting, investigate the props and to engage at their own pace and on their own terms.

wheelchair access


Stratford Circus Arts Centre, Theatre Square, Stratford, London, E15 1BX

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