Cardboard Citizens Professional Theatre of the Oppressed Training Courses – Rainbow of Desires 1


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Cardboard Citizens is renowned as being one of the world’s leading Forum Theatre companies. The courses take place in London and are led by Adrian Jackson, Augusto Boal’s translator and the founder of Cardboard Citizens. Since its creation in 1991, the company has been applying Theatre of the Oppressed techniques in homeless hostels, prisons, community centres, schools and theatres – using Boal’s techniques to engage and inspire the most marginalised.

RAINBOW OF DESIRES 1 – An introduction to Boal’s “Theatre and Therapy”
Friday 7 December – Sunday 9 December 2018

The personal is political, and the political is personal. Rainbow of Desires is the over-arching name given by Augusto Boal to a range of exercises, games and techniques on using the power of theatre to identify, analyse and respond to ‘internalised oppression’ and to seek to understand its origins. Those already familiar with Forum Theatre will find it a fascinating further set of theatrical tools; people new to the work will be amazed at the possibilities.

If you have any questions, please email or call the Cardboard Citizens office on 020 7377 8948.

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Cardboard Citizens, 77A Greenfield Road, Whitechapel, London E1 1EJ

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