Catherine Long and Tim Jeeves present Criptastic; a whole other model? at the Bluecoat in Liverpool


Price: Free


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Forward thinking, open-minded, creative individuals are invited to join us for a facilitated discussion that examines the pros and cons of being disabled or sick.

It might be challenging and provocative, and will be enjoyable, progressive and positive. We’re interested in asking new questions and envisioning ways of being which challenge and look beyond pre-existing models. We’re wondering how the world would be different and what it would mean if, somehow, everyone were disabled.

Due to limited capacity, the discussion phase of the workshop needs to be booked in advance. If you are interested in participating, please tell us why in 3 sentences or less. Email by 18th September 2017
Personal experience of disability/illness is an advantage but not essential.

Presented as a part of DaDaFest’s Disability Takeover Day.

Please contact us regarding access


Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX

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