Engineer Theatre Collective present THE GAP IN THE LIGHT at New Diorama Theatre, London


Price: £12.50



A noise in the night, pulling you out of sleep. Your eyes snap open – you’re suddenly hot.

Was the sound in a dream or in the house? The front gate? The cat next door? The pipes? The pipes. Relieved, you pull back the covers. Tread softly to the bathroom, the carpet comfortable and familiar. Meet your tired eyes in the mirror and enjoy that there’s still four hours before your alarm goes off and it’s morning. Turn the tap. Fill the glass. Have a drink. Look up.

In the mirror, behind you there’s a shape in the dark.

Engineer explore what it is to be afraid. Fear inhabits the corners of our lives, perhaps moreso now than ever. How do we face, comprehend and endure it? How far can we, or should we, pull the things that scare us into the light?

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This is a captioned performance. All shows at New Diorama are accessible for wheelchair users.


New Diorama Theatre, Regent's Place, NW1 3BF

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