Lucy C Hayward presents On the Tracks at Brighton Fringe Festival


Price: 10.00/8:00



A sixty minute stage play by up and coming writer Lucy Hayward.

Includes touch tour and a new approach to audio description.

Every performance is accessible for blind and visually impaired audiences.

Lucy Hayward is registered severley sight imapired (blind) and is focused on creating theatre which is fully accesssible for blind and visually imapired audiences without relying on headphones and having to sit as close to the stage as possible.

Step into the dark and unsettling world on the rail tracks at night

Robert and Ted have worked together for the last few years.

Tonight something has changed.

As conversation turns to the darker side it becomes clear how little they know about each other.

Now they can start uncovering the unsavoury truths.

This brand new interpretation of accessible theatre will take you on a multi sensory journey.

Shortlisted for New Writing South – Best New Play Award

Current tour dates:

Brighton Fringe 28th May to 3rd June

Theatre 503 13th and 14th October

Severn Valley Railway 20th and 21st October

DADa Fest November 2018

Touch Tour and Audio Description


Duke Box Theatre, 3 Waterloo Street, Brighton BN3 1AQ

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