Lucy C Hayward presents On the Tracks at Brighton Fringe


Price: £10 full price £8 concessions


Black and yellow flyer for on the tracks showing a railway station at night

On the Tracks is a sixty minute stage play (running time is 75 minutes with touch tour) which uncovers the lives of two men who work in a country railway station at night.

A touch tour is provided for every performance and everything the audience needs to know is within the script rather than using visual signposting throughout the play. As a visually impaired playwright my work is focused on being accessible for blind and visually impaired audience members. It is important for me to absorb audio description within the script from the beginning which means every performance is accessible for blind and visually impaired audience members without the need for headphones.

An audio program is provided in advance of each performance which includes a description of props and set incase audience members are unable to attend the touch tour and an introduction to each character so that the audience can recognise them by voice once the performance starts.

‘Robert and Ted are shunters. They work together on a small country railway station at night.

It can be a lonely existence working nights but these two are used to the routine and experienced with sorting out any late night trouble on the tracks.

There seems to be nothing unusual about this evening but a lot has happened over the last few years and tonight something has changed.

Robert is ready to get on with his work, Ted seems to be more distant than usual. It is only when conversation turns to the darker side that it becomes clear how little they know about each other and can start uncovering the unsavoury truths.

Visually and hearing impaired audience members found On the Tracks; ‘Totally accessible.’

Theatre 503 described On the Tracks as ‘very haunting’

Current tour dates:

Brighton Fringe 28th May to 3rd June

Theatre 503 14th and 15th October

Severn Valley Railway 20th and 21st October

Touch tour and audio description immersed within the dialogue


Duke Box Theatre, 3 Waterloo Street, Brighton BN3 1AQ