Up Down Man at Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol


Price: Full £16 / Concession £12


Photograph of Nathan Bessell as Matty in Up Down Man, he has his arms outstretched and the set is lit in black and white

Up Down Man, the long awaited sequel to the internationally acclaimed play Up Down Boy, wowed audiences when it premiered at Salisbury Playhouse in 2016. Once again starring the gifted and charismatic Nathan Bessell as Matty Butler, Up Down Man asks the question that faces every parent of an adult with a learning disability… “What will happen when I’m not here?”

Bristol-based Myrtle Theatre are masters of inclusive theatre and imaginative new writing. Tobacco Factory Theatres is delighted to team up with them and Salisbury Playhouse to create an ambitious and brave new tale about growing up and moving on, told in a unique and invigorating way.

“This is who I am – my name is Matty Butler. I’m not a child, I’m twenty nine years old. I like foxes, badgers, dancing, eating dinner, going bowling, Eastenders, dancing and foxes. I’d like a friend. Maybe Angel from Buffy. And we’d go on holiday and live together and have dinner and go dancing. I’m not a child you see. I’m twenty nine years old. My name is Matty Butler. This is who I am. And I like foxes.”

Written by award-winning Brendan Murray with live music, original choreography and Mum in the box, Up Down Man is funny, provocative, moving and a show that could change the way you see the world.

Tobacco Factory Theatres is fully wheelchair accessible and accepts guide dogs. BSL INTERPRETED PERFORMANCE Thu 16 November 1.30pm. RELAXED PERFORMANCES Thu 09 November 1.30pm, Thu 16 November 1.30pm & Sat 18 November 2.30pm. Performances specially adapted to create a more welcoming atmosphere for audiences with additional needs.


Tobacco Factory Theatres, Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF

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