Moving Pieces present Stories from the Body theatre-making workshops, London


Price: £195 (£150 early bird before 30 Sept | £120 students)



A series of workshops led by physical theatre company Moving Pieces on how to create performance that tells a personal story through the body.

Performance that shares personal experience can be compelling in its honesty and openness, and holds the power to tap into an audience’s emotions. Theatre can be a physical act, using movement to communicate, but how often when you’re creating a piece do you begin with your body?

This 8-week evening course focuses on that connection with the body and how to devise performance narratives from personal experience, creating theatre that is unique to you.

Whether you’re interested in developing performance that reveals the complexities of mental health or you want to strengthen your skills in creating meaningful, engaging stories, come along to the sessions and leave with a new confidence in integrating your body into the creative process. The outcome will include an ability to devise performance that deals with emotions and experience, telling stories that find resonance with people’s lives and that create a deeper connection with yourself and your audience.

We will use a range of techniques – from improvisation to mask work and guided visualisation – to help you draw out your inner stories and produce a short piece of theatre based on the material generated in the workshops. As Moving Pieces is informed by arts psychotherapy and how movement can help regulate the autonomic nervous system, you will also have the opportunity to learn body-based skills to support in-the-moment awareness, grounding and protection against stress.

Moving Pieces is a physical theatre company and mental health provision that offers people the chance to explore their personal experiences through creative expression and create theatre as a way of processing emotions and enhancing wellbeing.

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The Classrooms, 60 Weston St SE1 3QJ (London Bridge)

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