Production Finance Market- New Talent strand, London


Price: £180 once selected to attend the market


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The PFM is the only business-to-business event of its kind in the UK which supports experienced and emerging filmmakers with projects across all budget levels and languages with their need to gain production finance, access to international sales and distribution and meet new financiers in the international marketplace. At the same time PFM offers international financiers access to exciting upcoming projects and producer talent.

Since the pilot of PFM, over 100 films that have attended the markets are now completed and companies have benefitted directly from attendance. PFM and its New Talent Strand have helped to forge countless long-term business connections between producers and financiers and delegates have paid overwhelming testimony to the strategic role the markets play in the annual film calendar.

In addition to a keynote address, workshops/training and networking events, the PFM and its New Talent Strand will be tabling hundreds of face-to-face pitch meetings between producers/filmmaking teams and financiers, as well as additional financier-to-financier meetings during the main PFM.

The PFM’s New Talent is open to emerging filmmakers (both UK and International) with projects budgeted up to €1 million. Finance does not have to be in place to apply to the New Talent strand, but projects with some finance confirmed may be prioritised. Full scripts must be included as part of the application.

The New Talent strand includes training for selected filmmakers to ensure they are ready to find finance and grow their networks.

Wheel Chair Access


Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot St, London E1 8GP

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