Sleepless Theatre Company present Nine Foot Nine, London Bridge, London


Price: £15


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“What would happen if self-identifying women all around the world suddenly started growing to nine foot tall?”

Nate and Cara are a hard-working young couple looking to start a family. That is until, suddenly, inexplicably, agonisingly, a vast proportion of all the women in the world start the grow – centimetre by centimetre, foot by foot, with science powerless to stop them.
The world is in disarray, the entire structure upon which communities are built grinds to a shuddering halt. The awareness that women are now physically more powerful than men sends shockwaves through society,
fracturing age-old assumptions and prejudices. How do political regimes react? What will happen to industry, media, families, sex? And, more importantly, what comes next?

Nine Foot Nine is Alex Wood’s award-nominated debut play, exploring gender, power and society in a dystopic future.

Captioning, wheelchair access


THE BUNKER THEATRE 53a Southwark Street London, SE1 1RU

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