The Sun: Living With Our Star Relaxed Private View, South Kensington


Price: £7 (Children aged 16 and under go free)


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Join us for a relaxed private view of The Sun: Living With Our Star, just for people who live with Tourette Syndrome.

This is a great opportunity for people living with Tourette Syndrome and their families to enjoy a relaxed private view of the Science Museum’s most recent blockbuster exhibition.

Featuring hands-on experiences, you can bask in sunlight at our indoor beach, see the sunrise in different seasons and locations around the world on a huge illuminated wall display and discover ancient stories of the sun through a Babylonian table and golden solar Nordic Bronze Age artefacts .

Accessible event
Date: Wednesday 23 January
Time: 18.30–21.00

Children aged 16 and under go free, adult tickets are £7 each.

Relaxed setting, closed to the public, pre-event visual story


Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, SW7 2DD

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