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‘Guide Gods’ by Claire Cunningham: review by Sarah Watson

Photo of performer Claire Cunningham sitting on a floor with a stack of teacups

GUIDE GODS by Claire Cunningham PHOTO CREDIT Brian Hartley

I went to see Guide Gods as part of SICK! Festival 2017 at the Meeting House, University of Sussex

I found lots of the small bits of this show very enjoyable. Claire Cunningham says of it that “as someone who doesn’t follow a faith” she realised that she didn’t know or understand how various faiths view disability. So she went on a journey to find out.

I, like her, am non-religious and the show made me feel uncomfortable. It brought up feelings I had in church in the catholic school I went to as a child. So I was a bit put off by all the religion.

I liked the talking, which was slow and easy to understand. I liked it when she was talking about mobility.

Her dancing was elegant and I liked her use of teacups throughout the show. It made me feel as if I was in someone’s house. She has a nice singing voice, though I didn’t like the religious songs.

It was nice that we were sat in a circle, though the seat was a bit uncomfortable. It made me feel really part of it.

The best bit for me was when she went round the audience asking us “What do you love?” I found it really engaging.

Although I felt uncomfortable with some bits of the show, I like how she did it. And I look forward to seeing another show by her.

One last thing it would have been good if the Sick Festival had signage. We had trouble finding the venue

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