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Blog - Dolly Sen

Here’s to the Future

Digital collage shpwing suited men with Apes' heads plus a wheelchair and bodies


Trigger Warning: mention of rape.

This is a dark, angry piece of digital collage work. When I look at society I see this. Inequality spreading the rich and poor wide apart like the forced open legs of a rape. I know how many disabled people are suffering and dying in our so called civilised society and seeing very few people caring about it.

I have a part time job which necessitates traveling from Norfolk to London, and I use London Liverpool Street station. I hate the rush hour journey from there, as it is in the middle of London’s financial district and some bankers get on the same train as me. I don’t look like them or what they think women should look like. I don’t think like them and I don’t speak like them.

They openly make racist, homophobic, sexist and ableist jokes. They act like humanity has slipped back a few million years. They don’t offer their seats to pregnant women, disabled people or older people. They believe in the law of the jungle – the strong survives and the weak should be crushed. If they stand alone, they are not strong; their armour is made of pathetic privilege and they are too cowardly to take it off and have an equal footing.

They get drunk while disabled people die and they think it’s beautiful.

They give me dirty looks on the train, but I give them dirtier. They stare at me, but I can stare back harder. I stand like a bull in a bullring, with bullshitters in charge, but they know I live a bigger life than they do, and they would be cowards standing in front of me if things were more equitable.

But for now they are the winners in life. It makes me sick.

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Joe Turnbull

Having lived near this bit of London I only know too well this feeling Dolly. Of course as a non-disabled, white man my experience was different. But even so, I got sneers all the time when I’d walk around in my baggy trackies, interrupting their working lunches and walking past their piss ups that seemed to start at 4pm and go on all evening. But don’t dare question their worth! They work hard for their privilege. And it works doubly hard for them.