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Holy Wholly Holey

Reflected photo of Richard

Getting My Heads Together

Patronage has had a field day of late with the Heads Together Campaign. Those three royal youngsters have been superb. You know credit where its due and all. I’m really looking forward to meeting them and their breed as they get stuck in on a day to day basis, raving about this and that. I appreciate their commitment to talking so here’s some more:

My chest stopped breathing
Wills fixed it
My tongue stopped wagging
Harry set it free
My mind stopped thinking
Kate was there for me

I pay homage
Bask in sainted glory
of the holy trinity
Wills 1
Harry too
Kate makes number 3

My chest waits with bated breath
For George to join the heavenly throng
My tongue should it lapse
Will wag again to the sound of Charlotte’s gong
My mind is thinking from the media coverage
That I probably got them wrong
And so it is I offer up this hymnal song

Wills is one
Harry is two
Kate is 3
Others will be here
Before too long
Holy Wholly Holey

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