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Ice Cream Artworks


I didn’t realise… I’ve been busy making artwork over the past six months, I haven’t had the ability to write anything.

Not even to promote the exhibition launch of Creative Future‘s new online shop in May, selling the limited edition prints that I’ve been working on:

My ‘Ice Cream Artworks‘.

Stylised graphic image of Bette Davis eating an ice cream

In the series I explore idealism and perfection, combining the use of flat bright colours and grey scale forming highly stylised images. I draw influences from the popular culture of the 1930s: the golden age of cinema and illustrated posters promising the lure of escapism.

The idea for the Ice Cream Artworks started back in 2014; while I was looking for inspiration, I came across an image of Bette Davis eating an ice cream and let’s say things have escalated somewhat from there.

I entered the first stylised image of Bette into the Tight Modern exhibition that year which was seen by around 42,000 people. (Tight Modern is the world’s smallest temporary pop-up gallery; an 8ft x 5ft miniature replica of the iconic Tate Modern, showcasing talented under-represented artists from across the UK.)

Stylised graphic image of Ingrid Bergman eating a red ice lolly

Art is my way of processing life, it helps me unburden emotions and gives me a way to express the inexpressible. It is also my escape, relaxation and enjoyment. I often draw to please myself, as well as to challenge, to amuse and entertain.

So earlier this year, during the cold winter months, ten new ‘Ice Cream Artworks’ were created. I had the pleasure of immersing myself in bright colours and the feeling of summer, whilst being tucked up in a blanket.

Stylised graphic image of Audrey Hepburn eating an ice cream

We live in a world where social media urges us to strive for perfection. It is so easy to fall into the dream of wanting a perfect life, especially when reality is so completely imperfect.

So I choose to play in the worlds of escapism, optimism, longing and possibility. Of bright colours and sunshine, even in winter.

For more information about the ‘Ice Cream Artworks‘ go to the new online Creative Future Shop or contact me by email

For the most updated images of what I am working on, go to Instagram

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