Square Peg Bursary

Closing Date: 16 February 2018

Artlink Hull

Location: Kingston Upon Hull

Remuneration: £3,500


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Square Peg Bursary Opportunity

An open submission bursary opportunity for a visual artist based in the North of England who identifies as being disabled

The closing date for submissions is Friday 16th February 2018 at 5PM.

Square Peg is Artlink Hull’s wide-ranging disability and diversity arts programme, commissioned and supported by Hull UK City of Culture 2017. The final Square Peg project of 2017 is an open submission bursary opportunity for an artist based in the North of England who identifies as being a disabled person. The selected artist or partnership will be funded and supported to create new work for a solo exhibition to be held at Artlink Hull in summer 2018. The Square Peg Bursary is intended to provide an opportunity for a disabled artist to create new work for exhibition which they may otherwise be unable to realise.

“This bursary is a great initiative – with disabled artists facing numerous barriers to progression, quality opportunities providing tailored support give them a genuine chance to flourish and move ahead.” – Jeff Rowlings, Head of Programme, Shape Arts

A shortlist from the submissions will be drawn up by a panel with personal and professional experience in art and disability including artists, curators and critics. Shortlisted applicants may be invited to interview before the selection of the final artist, for which communication and/or transportation support can be provided.

The bursary is £3,500 for the selected artist’s time and materials/resources for the work/s to be created. Additional finance is available for communications and transportation support for the selected artist during the production process as well as for the realisation of the final exhibition.

Martin Green, director of Hull UK City of Culture 2017, said: “Following on from the excellent series of Square Peg events and installations through the year, this bursary offers a great opportunity for a northern artist that will not only see them receive financial assistance, but also support from Hull’s Artlink to create their work. I am confident this bursary will help bring someone’s vision to life and continue to challenge people’s persceptions as Square Peg has done all year.”

Interested artists should submit their outline proposal for the bursary opportunity along with details on their artistic development and supporting information via the portal on CuratorSpace here. If you require application information or your submission to be in an alternate accessible format, please contact us by emailing admin@artlink.uk.net or via telephone: 01482 345104 to discuss your needs.

This project is funded by Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and supported by Shape Arts.

About Square Peg
Square Peg is a user-led diversity and disability arts programme forming a year-long programme of accessible events and exhibitions in Hull which launched on Friday, February 3, 2017. This programme features exhibitions, events, artists, artist residencies, interventions, and training. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to participate in artistic and cultural activities. Our aims are to create opportunities for disabled people to attend and inform art events, to create opportunities for and to promote the work of disabled and diverse artists, to raise awareness of barriers faced by disabled people and diverse communities when attending events, and to bring communities together to create a greater understanding.

About Artlink
Artlink Hull supports the creation and exploration of art with, in, and about communities. In particular, we work with individuals and communities experiencing challenges to participation in order to increase the diversity of voices in the arts. We do this multiple ways including art projects, exhibitions, commissions, events, learning programmes, and forums, working with a range of communities. Established since 1982, Artlink Hull has continually been involved in the development of participatory and socially-engaged art practices and remains a key organisation in the Humber region working in these fields.

About Shape
Shape Arts www.shapearts.org.uk is a disability-led arts organisation which works to improve access to culture for disabled people by providing opportunities for disabled artists, training cultural institutions to be more open to disabled people, and through running participatory arts and development programmes.